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  • Logo MAGIS 2016


    Seemingly simple, the MAGIS logo is positively packed with meaning:

    • the “+” sign – emphasizes the Latin word magis, which can be translated as ‘more, better, fuller, further’;
    • open hands – the symbol of a readiness to give and to serve;
    • five hands in different colors – a reference to how the program attracts participants from five continents;
    • a circle of hands – a symbol of community;
    • fingers pointing outwards – the missionary character of the event and a reference to the symbol of the Jesuits, the IHS emblem;
    • red against the white background – the colors of the Polish national flag;
    • blue – the color for Mary, who enjoys a special place in MAGIS;
    • yellow – the color for the Pope – not just Pope John Paul II, who created World Youth Day, but also his successors who have been continuing this tradition;
    • red and blue – a reference to the Image of the Divine Mercy and to Saint Faustina Kowalska, who – beside St. John Paul II – is another patron saint of World Youth Day;
    • the common color pattern of WYD Krakow 2016 and MAGIS logos – to emphasize the link between the two events.