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    Become a volunteer!

    Do you dream of a great adventure experience? Would you like to take part in a project that can change not only your life  [...]

    LITHUANIA / Mindaugas Danys Lithuania is one of Poland’s neighbouring countries. It will be hosting 5 Ignatian Experiments during MAGIS 2016. Lithuania has many beautiful natural places to see: the beaches of the Baltic Sea, an abundance of woods, lakes and rivers. Lithuanians are known for their hospitality, openness and [...]

    THE CZECH REPUBLIC Harquail The Czech Republic is Poland’s southern neighbour and another country where some Ignatian Experiments will take place during MAGIS 2016. Karlovy Vary is probably the most famous of the Czech Republic’s spa towns. It also hosts the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, one of the oldest in the [...]

    SLOVAKIA Sojka The border between Poland and Slovakia runs through the Tatra Mountain. Because of that, lovers of active leisure can find many great possibilities here: hiking and mountain climbing, skiing in ski resorts, cycling and walking in the woods. After that, you can rest in one of countless spas [...]


    Kraków will host the 2016 World Youth Day. Young people from all over the world will gather here to meet Pope Francis, and to pray and spend time together. For many centuries Kraków was the capital of Poland where the Polish royal family lived in Wawel Castle. Now Kraków is [...]


    This is where all the participants of the programme will gather together after the Ignatian Experiments and where MAGIS 2016 will finish. This city, very dear to all Poles, hosted the 6th World Youth Day in 1991. Częstochowa is known all over the world for its Pauline’s monastery called Jasna [...]


    Here, on July 15, 2016, MAGIS 2016 will start. Łódź is an industrial city situated in central Poland. With a population of more than 700,000 citizens, it is the 3rd biggest polish city. Its patron saint is St. Faustina, who is famously known for her revelation of Merciful Jesus. Łódź [...]

    Poland / Filip Knežić MAGIS 2016: Experience Poland! From sea to mountains, forests to modern cities, and lakes to castles, Poland is a beautiful country with a wide variety of places worth seeing. Situated in Central Europe, Poland, with an area of 312 679 km² and a population of about [...]

    Mary – our guide

    Mary – a woman like no other The Scriptures and the tradition of the Church offer some insight into the most significant moments in the life of the Blessed Virgin. Her life materialized the love between God and man in its perfect form: the incarnation of God as a human [...]

    Jesuit Vocation

    Stay at home if idea of becoming a jesuit makes you unsettled or nervous. Do not come to us if you love the Church like a stepmother rather than a mother. Do not come if you think that in so doing you will be doing the Society of Jesus a favour. Come if [...]

    The Jesuits

    We are the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers founded half a millennium ago by the soldier-turned-mystic Ignatius Loyola. But most people call us “the Jesuits.” In the vision of our founder, we seek to “find God in all things.” We dedicate ourselves to the [...]


    The official preparations for MAGIS will start more than 3 months before the event – on April 3, 2016. However, you can start your own individual preparations now! Pray for the MAGIS program and its participants. Find a Jesuit community in your neighborhood. [...]

    Sign up

    MAGIS is an international meeting of young people associated with Jesuits from all over the world. To register, follow the steps below: Read the information about MAGIS (more). Read the information about the Ignatian Experiments and choose one of the five available categories (pilgrimage, spirituality, service, culture and society, arts) [...]

    Logo MAGIS 2016

    Seemingly simple, the MAGIS logo is positively packed with meaning: the “+” sign – emphasizes the Latin word magis, which can be translated as ‘more, better, fuller, further’; open hands – the symbol of a readiness to give and to serve; five hands in different colors – a reference to [...]

    Our motto

    These words are a line from St. Ignatius’s prayer: Lord, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and [...]

    What “magis” means

    The Latin word magis can be translated as ‘more, better, fuller’. Saint Ignatius of Loyola used this word to describe how authentic Christianity fosters a deeper connection with Christ and more zeal in serving others. This is the ‘more’ of MAGIS. From this perspective, the “+” (plus) sign can also [...]

    History of the program

    The program dates back to 1997, when Jesuits invited young people associated with them all over the world to take part in a pilgrimage directly preceding World Youth Day in Paris. In 2005, the year of WYD in Cologne, the event took its final form as MAGIS.   MAGIS 2013 [...]

    When and where


    What is MAGIS

    MAGIS is a meeting of young people (ages 18-30) from all over the world who are interested in Ignatian spirituality (more). The program offers an opportunity to share a unique experience at three distinct levels: individual growth, relationships with God and others, and intercultural dialogue. If you want to enjoy [...]