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    1. What is MAGIS 2016?

    MAGIS 2016 is an international program which is designed for young people who want to practice Ignatian spirituality in their lives. MAGIS 2016 will last 10 days. The participation in the program is an opportunity for the youth to know themselves and other people, and to notice God’s activity in the world and in their lives.

    2. Who is MAGIS 2016 designed for?

    MAGIS is designed for young people (aged 18-30) who are connected with Jesuits, and who wish for real and deep connection with God and another man through Ignatian spirituality.

    3. Where and when will we meet?

    The timetable of all our meetings:

    15 – 17 July – ŁódźThe Opening Meeting MAGIS 2016: prayer, amusement, games

    17 – 23 July – Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic – Ignatian Experiments

    23 – 25 July – CzęstochowaConclusion MAGIS 2016: sharing, thanksgiving, celebrating, festival of nations

    26 – 31 July – Kraków – participation in World Youth Days

    4. What is the history of MAGIS? How did it start?

    In 1997 Jesuits encouraged young people to take part in a few day long international pilgrimage which preceded WYD in Paris. The idea was successfully continued in following years and eventually in 2005 in Germany the final form of MAGIS was created.

    5. Why „MAGIS” ?

    „Magis” is a Latin term which means „more”, “the most”, “the greatest”, “the best”. The program MAGIS is designed for those who desire to develop constantly, not to be content with the present but to achieve more and more.

    6. What is the motto of MAGIS 2016?

    ,,to give and not to count the costs”

    These words are a part of a well-known St. Ignatius’ “Prayer for generosity”. They shall help us interpret and understand better the motto of WYD in Cracow”: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy”. A merciful heart is filled with desire for acts of kindness and generosity.

    7. I want to take part in MAGIS 2016, how can I sign up?

    We are glad that you want to take part in this event! Please contact a coordinator of MAGIS 2016 who works in your country or region. Certainly, he will give you the following instruction.

    (Links – a list of national coordinators) – available later

    8. Ignatian Experiments – what is it?

    Ignatian Experiments are proposals of several forms of activity, which are designed to allow you to experience something totally new! Deep meditation on yourself, joyful contact with community, a very attractive proposal of spending time. Everything designed for you, to help you get to know God better.

    9. Ignatian Experiments – what is it?

    There are a few categories of Ignatian Experiments. You are invited to take part in one of them:

    • Pilgrimage Experiment
    • Spiritual Experiment
    • Service Experiment (social or ecological)
    • Social and Cultural Experiment
    • Artistic Experiment

    If you want to know more, click here.

    10. What is the idea of Ignatian Experiments?

    The idea of Ignatian Experiments is to experience new and little known situations, in order to look at yourself, God and other people in a new way. Challenging new and difficult situations will help us learn how to trust and believe that even in darkness we are not alone.

    11. What should I take with me when going on MAGIS 2016?

    A coordinator in your country will provide you with a list of essential things.

    12. What kind of language skills do I need?

    The official language of MAGIS 2016 is English. There will be many materials in Polish and Spanish prepared and available. However, you are not disqualified from taking part in MAGIS 2016 for not knowing these languages.

    13. How will a day of MAGIS 2016 look like?

     Regardless of the experiment you choose, regular events of a day will be:

    – your individual prayer

    – activity – apostolic experience

    – Holly Mass

    – sharing groups

    – Ignatian self-examination (individual conclusion of a day)

    14. I want to help with MAGIS 2016. How can I do it?

    We invite you to cooperate with us right now during preparations for this event. However, if you want to help us with Ignatian Experiments, we will be grateful for your engagement, coordination and realization of one experiment. Please contact us as soon as possible! There is also a possibility of financial support. You will find more information here.

    15. What is the cost of participation in MAGIS 2016?

    The information about cost of participation in the program will be given later.

    16. Is participation in WYD, after MAGIS 2016, compulsory?

    The program MAGIS 2016 is an integral part to preparation for WYD. Therefore, both events constitute unity.