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  • MAGIS 2016 on  JesWEB meeting


    During this year’s JesWEB meeting, one of the MAGIS 2016 coordinators, Marek Firlejczyk SJ, presented MAGIS 2016 to the participants. The meeting was held in Drongen, a city located near Ghent in Belgium, from 20 to 24 April.

    JesWEB is a meeting of administrators of websites related to Jesuits’ activity, and employees of provincial press offices. Thirty participants from all over the world took part in this year’s meeting, including representatives from the United States, Canada, Singapore and many European countries. Marek Firlejczyk SJ invited the attendees to get involved in the preparations for MAGIS 2016 and to participate in the creation of press releases during the event.

    There were two trainings held during the meeting. The first training focused on the topic of the Internet. As a communications medium, the Internet could pose multiple challenges. Efficient use of the Internet requires adequate knowledge and skills, in addition to the ability to build a great and professional team.
    The second workshop provided the participants an understanding of information management. Every team has a defined set of information which is the sum of knowledge held by each of the members. The participants of the training learnt how to store that information and how to share it with others, so that the whole team could make the best use of it.

    Last but not least were workshops led by the participants that introduced such topics as the creation of mobile applications and website content writing.
    JesWEB was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experience.