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  • MAGIS 2016 on the media workshops

    fot. Monika Rybczyńska

    fot. Monika Rybczyńska

    The language of words is the language that people don’t understand anymore. Now is the time to show in the media how you evangelize through actions – said Szymon Hołownia during the Journalism Workshops for World Youth Day volunteers.

    Young people from all over Poland participated in the media workshops which took place on the 20th and 21st of June 2015 in Konstancin, located near Warsaw. Two of our MAGIS 2016 teammates, Teresa Ciecior and Anna Kapłańska, also participated in the workshops. The workshops were organized by the Stacja 7 website and the National Organization Office of WYD.

    Well known Polish journalists Marek Zając, Patrycja Michońska and Krzysztof Berenda demonstrated how to prepare a good text and radio broadcast. Szymon Hołownia and Aneta Liberacka expressed how to speak about God in the media without using God’s name, because what counts is not only form but also content. Priest Przemysław Śliwiński and representatives of the National Organization Office of WYD gave speeches on how to use new media technologies as a tool for evangelization.

    You can communicate with words but also with images. That is why Marcin Jończyk and James Szymczuk showed us the language of film and photography. Adrian Wawrzyczek and Mateusz Ochman demonstrated how to use social media effectively.

    – The workshops in Konstancin allowed us to gain new skills, but for me that was not the most important thing. The most valuable aspect was the contact with people, who like us, are preparing for World Youth Day. Now I could see this event from a broader perspective and I am happy to know that my work is part of a larger undertaking – says one of the collaborators of MAGIS 2016.