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    Magis Friends

    Someone once said that going to just one MAGIS is enough to change your life. This is correct, because the experience of brotherhood, spiritual sharing and working together are the three pillars of the whole Ignatian program.

    That is why we would like to propose a program that goes beyond simply meeting for the occasion of World Youth Day. We want you to become a MAGIS FRIEND!
    How do you do this? Friends help each other out and so there are several ways.

    First, prayer

    Your prayers are urgently needed. Please remember to pray for:

    • The youth who will attend MAGIS2016
    • Preparations for MAGIS2016
    • Vocations to our religious order
    • For Jesuits who are experiencing difficulties
    • The General Council who are choosing a new General
    • For Jesuits who are fighting for peace and justice
    • And don’t forget about Pope Francis – currently the most famous Jesuit! :)

    You can organize, together with friends and your pastor, a prayer meeting for all those who will come to Poland. Take a picture, write a few words and let us know about your initiatives ([email protected]). We will show them to the world. :)


    Another possibility is to provide a specific donation for the MAGIS 2016 Program. For transferring at least $60/ 50 €, if you want, we can send you a unique MAGIS 2016 hoodie!

    Another possibility is to assist pilgrims from the poorer parts of the world who cannot afford to come to Polish – take advantage of our Adoption Pilgrim program.

    After you transfer a payment, in order to get a hoodie, just write to the following address: [email protected]

    Give us the color (red, blue, yellow – the official MAGIS 2016 colors) and the size of the hoodie that you want to get.

    MAGIS Friends


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    MAGIS 2016
    Maly Rynek 8
    31-041 Kraków

    PLN 33 1240 4650 1111 0010 5719 6072
    € PL 30 1240 4650 1978 0010 5719 6232
    $ PL 06 1240 4650 1787 0010 5719 6320


    Size Chart:



    48cm / 19,2 inch
    63,5cm / 25,4 inch
    61,5cm / 24,6 inch


    51,5cm / 20,6 inch
    65,6cm / 26,24 inch
    62,5cm / 25 inch


    55cm / 22 inch
    67,5cm / 27 inch
    63,5cm / 25,4 inch


    58,5cm / 23,4 inch
    69,5cm / 27,8 inch
    64,5cm / 25,8 inch


    62cm / 24,8 inch
    71,5cm / 28,6 inch
    65,5cm / 26,2 inch


    65,5cm / 26,2 inch
    73,5cm / 29,4 inch
    66,5cm / 26,6 inch


    69cm / 27,6 inch
    75,5cm / 30,2 inch
    67,5cm / 27 inch