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    fot. Hamed Parham CC BY-ND 2.0

    The community “Strong in Spirit” (Mocni w Duchu) from Lodz initiated a daily prayer for the endeavors of the program MAGIS 2016. Prayers began on the 9th of February, and Strong in Spirit would like to invite everyone to join them.

    In Lodz, the first group of people committed to praying the prayer of praise and the prayer for generosity written by St. Ignatius Loyola was formed. With these daily prayers, they want to support the organizers, participants and benefactors of the program MAGIS 2016. Everyone who would like  to contribute to the preparation of the international meeting is more than welcome to participate in these prayers. You may pray individually, in your native language. The community hopes that prayer will soon spread to all countries of the world. The number of supporters is growing!

    If you want to join this community and receive specific prayer requests, please send an email to: [email protected]. You may address your email to  Anna Owczarek.