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  • Soon we will end signing up!

    Christian Schnettelker (CB BY 2.0)

    Very soon, February 15, 2016 will be the last day when you can sign up for the MAGIS 2016 program.

    Many delegations have already sent to Krakow the estimates of the number of their representatives. There were those who reported a large number of people on a reserve list, while others could gladly give them some of their volunteer places.

    At this point, the best thing all those who would like to participate in the program can do is to as soon as possible contact someone responsible in their country [] to inquire about the opportunity to participate.

    The next step, after signing up, will be to fill out a detailed form in which we collect information about preferred experiments [], including your skills (so that no one who does not know how to swim is sent for example to the swimming experiment). Some of the participants will be able to also act as reporters – they will use social media to report on the most important events in the course of this experiment.

    There is nothing left to do but to sign up as soon as possible!


    Foto: Christian Schnettelker