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    Do you dream of a great adventure experience? Would you like to take part in a project that can change not only your life but the lives of others thanks to your work? Now you have such an opportunity!

    Become a volunteer for MAGIS2016! Write us an e-mail: [email protected]

    MAGIS2016 volunteering is not only working together and serving pilgrim visitors from around the world. As a volunteer, you form a community called Experiment Martha (yes, it is Martha, the sister of Mary, who was the patron saint of all those who are learning to pray thru work).

    You will work in an international team. Your task will be to prepare and carry out major joint events in Lodz and Czestochowa. But it is not just a job. You will also have time for individual prayer in Magis circles and the Eucharist. We do not promise that it will be light, easy and fun. We are confident that this will be an amazing time of joyfully working together, deep sharing and a personal encounter with Jesus.



    foto: Leo Grübler /

    (CC BY- ND 2.0)