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  • History of the program

    History of the program

    The program dates back to 1997, when Jesuits invited young people associated with them all over the world to take part in a pilgrimage directly preceding World Youth Day in Paris. In 2005, the year of WYD in Cologne, the event took its final form as MAGIS.


    MAGIS 2013 Brasil

    MAGIS 2013

    MAGIS 2011 Spain

    MAGIS 2011

    MAGIS 2008 Australia

    Magis 2008

    MAGIS 2005 Germany

    MAGIS 2005

    MAGIS 2005

    World Youth Days 2002 Toronto

    WYD 2002

    World Youth Days 2000 Rome

    WYD 2000


    World Youth Days 1997 Paris

    WYD 1997