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  • Categories of experiments

    MAGIS offers a number of different experiments to choose from, grouped in several categories. Upon registration, you can specify the one that appeals most to you.



    A bike, a kayak, or your own two feet – whatever the means, you are sure to enjoy the challenge and the reward of hitting the road and reaching your destination. When a heavy backpack weighs you down and the comforts of your everyday life seem like a distant memory, you might be surprised to find how the things you thought you could never do without are actually unimportant.





    If your wish is to plunge deep into prayer and contemplation and learn about different traditions in Christian spirituality, this is the category for you. These Experiments aim to further your spiritual growth.


    Service (Social or Environmental)



    This category is all about helping others. And helping others also entails helping the natural environment. By bringing you closer to nature, these Experiments will give you an opportunity to delight in the beauty of God’s creation and to learn to contemplate His presence in all living things.


    Society and Culture



    This category will give you an opportunity to meet other religious, cultural and social groups. You will get to know people from different congregations and learn about the local traditions in Poland or another country where the Experiment will be held.





    Are you into the arts? This category comprises painting, architecture, graphics, folk art, icon painting, acting, singing and many other Experiments. It’s time to get creative!