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  • Experiments – the Heart of MAGIS program


    Experiments are an important part of the Ignatian MAGIS meetings. Under the program of MAGIS 2016 we plan to prepare for you about 100 Experiments to help you meet God.

    Ignatian experiments can be divided into five categories:

    • Pilgrimage Experiments – rely on a pilgrimage to important places of our faith. It is associated for instance with activities such as walking, biking, kayaking or sailing. Our travel will not only take place in Poland but also in neighboring countries like Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.
    • Experiments with spirituality – they will explore the roots and various traditions of our faith. They provide intensive time of prayer and allow spiritual entry into self. Through this experiment we will know better Ignatian spirituality, as well as other spiritualties.
    • Artistic experiments – those are different activities related to creation and creativity. In these experiments we will seek God through dance, painting, sculpture, singing, playing instruments and theatre.
    • Serving experiments (people and the environment) – it is an action for another man or nature. We will visit the sick, children’s homes, and organize common plans for young people. We will also try to meet with God by caring for the environment.
    • Socio-cultural experiments – thanks to them we can deepen our understanding of man and culture. We will try to find God in discovering the cultural wealth of different regions of Poland and other countries. This is due to entering into a dialogue with the residents of these areas. It will enable learning issues which those people live on a daily basis.

    Currently, we have prepared about 25 Ignatian Experiments.

    Are you interested in creating one of them? Have you got an idea? Do not worry if you can do it just share your creativity! Read this document and send us out!