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    Krzesło 2

    Gerry Dincher / / CC BY-SA

    As part of the promotion of MAGIS 2016, media team decided to make a movie.

    Because the director’s ambition is at least an Oscar in the short film category (always worth a try, after all you should aim high), the cast should also be global. Therefore, the media team started to audition for leading roles. So we are looking for people from abroad, ideally students, willing to face this task, who would also be interested in the idea of the project. According to unofficial information provided to us by an anonymous source close to the originators, the film is to have leading roles only, so you might want to meet and take part in the casting .;) While we cannot guarantee you a rapid rise to Hollywood in connection with the filming, you can expect getting to know interesting people, the ideas behind MAGIS program as well as being able to freely express yourself in front of a camera on a range of interesting topics. Working title is: “MAGIS – an experience that can change your life” Foreign students interested in taking part in the film, please contact us at: [email protected]